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Looking for an exciting internship or new projects?

Due to continued expansion and growth of our Brussels based activities, we are continuously looking for freelancers and super interns to join our team. Are you a talented graphic designer, developer, copywriter or digital marketer? Looking for new and exciting jobs, projects and opportunities? Click here or scroll down to have a chat with Eliot, our HR bot.

Open freelance positions:

Freelance Graphic designer

Freelance SEO specialist

Freelance community manager

Freelance front-end developer

Freelance back-end developer

Freelance copywriter

Open internship positions:

Stagiaire Communication / Marketing (FR)

 Stagiaire Journalisme (FR)

Stagiaire Graphisme (FR)

Stagiair(e) Communicatie / Marketing  (NL)

 Stagiair(e) Journalistiek (NL)

Stagiair(e) Graphic Design (NL)

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